Andreea Mogos: Entrepreneurial Journalism

Traditional media problems and new challenges
What used to work for traditional media, doesn’t work anymore. From 2001 to 2010 newspapers circulation has decreased on 25%. That responds to the attitude of traditional media, which wanted to preserve their status instead of facing new technologies and innovations.
Nowadays, because of different factors (economic crisis, free access to the information, social media, and etcetera) those media who didn’t want to make a change, are forced to do it. Journalism and information business, as other economic agents, work well in the dynamics of capitalism, ruled by how much offer of information products are in the market and the demands of audience. Continue reading Andreea Mogos: Entrepreneurial Journalism

Journalism today: threats and opportunities

The starting point of Anthony McNicholas presentation is the crisis that journalism and especially newspapers in the developed countries have been facing during the last 20 years. The second part of the presentation will focus on the possible future of journalism.

According to McNicholas, the first problem of newspapers is that people are generally not so interested in news. This is why newspapers have to be a bundle of different content (as for instance gossip and crosswords). Continue reading Journalism today: threats and opportunities

Political economy of communication and journalism – Jacques Guyot

The main points we reached in Jacques lecture were the economic viability of news making models, journalism as a socio political activity in societies, media as cultural industries and it also showed the interest in a counterpoint to theories related to technological determinism, functionalist sociology and the doctrine of free-low of information. Continue reading Political economy of communication and journalism – Jacques Guyot

David Caminada on the New Journalism Consumption

“If you ever stop to catch your breath, you’re falling behind” (The New York Times)

This quote expresses perfectly what is happening right now in this dynamic digital world. Everybody can easily see a big difference between what journalism is today and what it was a few years ago. Continue reading David Caminada on the New Journalism Consumption

La vie en Rosalie

Renting a Rosalie, a French quadricycle, is the newest tourist trend in Camaret. Starting this July, Dominique Dévé – a souvenir shop owner, offers three-seat quadricycles for rent on the sea front in the port of Camaret-sur-Mer. Children, adults and seniors drive them around the port, up to Penn-Hir, or even to the supermaket to do their shopping.

Continue reading La vie en Rosalie

Brittany, Camaret sur Mer and the Second World War

Camaret sur Mer and Brittany generally are famous for their incomparable Atlantic views. The area is especially popular with campers, but also with anybody who is trying to go away from the city and its routines, noises and its pollution.

But this beautiful area was also a key strategic location for the German navy during one of the key struggles of World War II, known as the Battle of the Atlantic. The Germans built the Atlantic Wall, a series of fortifications all along the western coast of France, and one of the huge bunkers that remains is now a Memorial-Museum of the Battle of the Atlantic. Continue reading Brittany, Camaret sur Mer and the Second World War